I’ve been hesitating to buy a Nest thermostat for a long time since I wasn’t sure it would work with my already installed Junkers boiler.

The Junkers boiler is equipped with modulation so it would be unwise to simply use an ON/OFF temperature control. Unfortunatly Junkers doesn’t support OpenTherm out of the box. And that’s exactly the reason why I’ve been hesitating to by a Nest thermostat whitout doing a lot of research.

For those few people who want to install a Nest thermostat on a modulating Junkers boiler: it IS possible!

What you need

  • A Junkers boiler with a Heatronic 3 or newer
  • A Nest thermostat (3rd generation) with OpenTherm support
  • An ‘EMS-OT’ converter (use Google to find a supplier that fits your needs)

Wiring things up

The EMS-OT converter is the connection between the Junkers boiler and the Nest. Remove the orange connector of the converter to make it possible to connect the wires on the two “B” connectors on the boiler. There’s no polarity to take into account.

On the other end make the connection between the Nest heatlink OT1/OT2 terminals and the green terminals of the EMS-OT converter.

Plug in the boiler and the nest heatlink. If everything goes well you can configure the nest thermostat now. Ofcrourse you don’t select on/off but modulating boiler.

After one week of using the thermostat I’m pretty happy with it. The house is warm when we want it and the temperature of the boiler is modulated according to the required heat.

2 thoughts on “Using a Nest thermostat with a Junkers boiler (and OpenTherm)

  1. Philippe says:

    Hi Peter,
    Great post, thank you very much for that !
    Just a quick question, can you tell me from whom you bought your ems to ot converter ?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. peter says:

      Thanks for your comment. I bought the converter at https://wifithermostaten.nl/nefit-opentherm-converter.html

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