Switching Home Assistant lights with Google Assistant

After I switched from iPhone to an Android device I couldn’t you Siri any longer to switch lights on and of. Fortunately Google Assistant came to the rescue. But not without some additional research and trial and error solutions.

If you’re lucky you can just follow the instructions on the Home Assistant page and have everything working. If you’re unlucky, like me, you’ll probably need to check some things to get the connection between Home Assistant and Google Assistant working.

You can not install Home Assistant?
Set the language of your Android Phone to English, or use Aptoide to install Google Assistant.

The ‘Home Control’ service is not available
According to my research several causes are possible. Settings the device language, the Google Assistant language and the Google Console project language to English solved the problem for me.

“Could not update the setting. Please check your connection”
Things you can check when connection between Home Assitand and Google Assistant fails:

  1. Open your Chrome browser on your device and log out with all your Google accounts (that did the trick for me).
  2. Again, make sure the Language is set to English
  3. Start exposing devices one by one by using expose_by_default: false

Feel free to add other solutions in the comments. I’ll update the post to make it easier for other people to get their Home Assistant setup connected with Google Assitant.

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