Last week I wrote a post on how I’m implementing Yolo into my security camera system. You can read this article here:

While playing around with Yolo and surfing the interweb to find out more about Yolo I found the JeVois camera. JeVois is a module containing a camera and computing power to run Yolo (and other software) in a really small housing.

JeVois is a perfect example of what edge computing is. The calculations and interpretations take place close to the sensor and the processed data is send to other connected systems.

Since the GPU power I have avalaible at my server I use for Yolo isn’t that good JeVois can come to the rescue to reduce the server load.

Today I ordered my JeVois starter kit on Amazon. It should arive in a few day.

Get your JeVois starter kit here <– click here

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